Fresh. Fired. FAME.

Pizza made right.

In the summer of 2003, Allan and Kathleen Jones and their kids Alyson, Luke, Lydia, Paul, Anna and Mark stumbled upon Moo’s Place in Derry NH – about 10 miles north of where they lived in Windham, NH. Moo’s Place is one of those special “summer only” ice cream shops that New Englanders flock to. Although the ice cream was grand, it was meeting Kevin Aiello, one of the partners in Moo’s Place, that was magical.

Fast forward to 2007 when Kevin assisted the Jones family in setting up Discovery Ice Cream.

And now, in 2016 Kevin (who is executive chef at UCLA) joined the Jones family to create FAME Pizza Company. In the meantime, Lydia gained deep culinary experiences in restaurants in Charleston, SC and Paul and Anna gained F&B experience serving and cooking in multiple restaurants.

So, from experiences in New England, California, Tennessee and Charleston, SC comes FAME Pizza Company.

Now, my friends, we go for pizza.
– Daniel Younger

FAME Pizza Company is a place for families with very different cravings to come and enjoy delicious food. Anybody who is daring can move down the line of different sauces and toppings and create the pizza of their dream. Or anybody not ready to take the risk quite yet, can choose from our signature six pizzas.

Our goal is simple. We aim to create mind-blowing food and an incredible atmosphere. We believe that we do that by pushing people to the limits of their taste buds while also creating a place for everyone to enjoy a fun outing with family or friends.

Come and experience FAME with us. We guarantee you’ll love it!